Parish Toolkit
Bulletin Announcements

Click here for a document containing weekly bulletin announcements. They can also be found at

Flyers, Posters and Pop-Up Banners

Parishes may use the following posters and banners to promote the Canonical Coronation. The week of Aug. 16, the Office of Communications will mail parishes 16×24 posters and a small supply of flyers.

Web Banners

Promotional Videos

Share the following videos on your parish website or social media channels as information resources on the Canonical Coronation and to encourage participation by the faithful in this special event. You may also click the button down below to directly download the video file.

Promotional Videos with Bishop Estévez (English and Spanish)
Promotional Series on the Canonical Coronation

Produced by the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother at Assumption Parish in Jacksonville, parishes may download and use this video to promote the upcoming Canonical Coronation on their websites and social media channels.