What is a Canonical Coronation, and how can I participate?

Father Tom Willis provides an excellent video overview. It is less than 5-minutes to watch. Visit https://coronation.dosafl.com/what-is-a-canonical-coronation/. It is well worth viewing before the big day on Oct. 10. And by visiting https://coronation.dosafl.com/schedule/ you can download a schedule with all the pre-coronation events.

Where do I park to join pilgrims at the National Shrine who will be viewing the livestream of the Canonical Coronation Mass?

Parking is a challenge in St. Augustine, so plan to get there early. Carpooling is advised. There is limited parking available at the National Shrine, 101 San Marco Avenue. There is parking available at the Historic Downtown Parking Facility, 1 Cordova Street, St. Augustine. It is a short walk to the National Shrine. For more details, visit https://www.citystaug.com/502/Historic-Downtown-Parking-Facility

Where do I park if I’m attending the Coronation Mass at the Cathedral Basilica?

Parking will be available at Cathedral Parish School, 259 St. George Street and St. Benedict the Moor Mission, 86 Martin Luther King Avenue. A trolley will run continuously before and after the Mass, at no charge.

What should I bring to watch the Canonical Coronation at the National Shrine?

Pilgrims are encouraged to bring a folding chair or lawn chairs, blankets for children and wear comfortable shoes. You may also want to bring a hat if it is sunny and an umbrella in case of rain.

Will attending the Coronation fulfill my Sunday Mass obligation?

Yes, whether you attend in-person or virtually, participating in the Coronation Mass will fulfill your Sunday obligation. Communion will be distributed at the National Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche, the Santa Fe Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche in High Springs and parishes hosting the livestream. Visit https://coronation.dosafl.com/parish-livestreams/ for a list of parishes providing the livestream.

Can I come to the Coronation Mass at the Cathedral?

The Coronation Mass at the Cathedral is by invitation-only due to limited seating at the Cathedral. We encourage you to join us via livestream by visiting https://coronation.dosafl.com, www.YouTube.com/dosacatholics or our Facebook page at www.Fac ebook.com/dosacatholics.  Or you can watch from the National Shrine, the Santa Fe Shrine or at a parish. Visit https://coronation.dosafl.com/parish-livestreams/ for a list of parishes.

Where can I obtain a schedule of events happening on Oct. 9-10 at the National Shrine and the Santa Fe Shrine in High Springs?

There are several pre-coronation events planned to help pilgrims spiritually prepared for the coronation Mass on Oct. 10. Visit https://coronation.dosafl.com/schedule/.  

I heard Bishop Estévez ask for prayer intentions in his video to Catholics. Where do we submit our special intentions? 

You can submit your prayer intentions in English or Spanish online by visiting https://coronation.dosafl.com/. The priests of the National Shrine will pray the special intentions on Monday, Oct. 11, the feast day of Our Lady of La Leche, from the historic chapel with the new image of Our Lady of La Leche. After the feast day, you can send your prayer requests and Mass intentions to https://missionandshrine.org/prayer-requests/.

Are special indulgences available for the Canonical Coronation?

Yes, you can obtain a Plenary Indulgence by following the guidelines. You can read more by visiting https://coronation.dosafl.com/indulgences/.